Juventus Sport Club Board of Directors

Position Contact Cell Phone Email
President Michael Viviani (650)533-0693 president@juventus-sc.org
Vice President Peter Joshua (408)595-0217 Vice-president@juventus-sc.org
Secretary Shawn Jarolimek (650)208-7287 secretary@juventus-sc.org
Treasurer Eric Normington (650)489-5883 treasurer@juventus-sc.org
Member At Large Rosy Arambula (650)219-9374 atlarge@juventus-sc.org


Operational Board

Position Contact Cell Phone Email
General Manager Christopher Pepe   christopher_pepe@juventus-sc.org
Director of Coaching Hugo Perez, Sr.   doc@juventus-sc.org
Technical Director, Boys Arturo Orozco (650)270-6232 arturo@juventus-sc.org
Technical Director, Goalkeeping Carlos Schulze (650)669-0523 carlostd@juventus-sc.org
Tournament Director Darrell Ringman  (650)575-1881 tournaments@juventus-sc.org
Equipment Manager

Rich Morgan
Franklin Herrerra

Field & Referee Scheduler Darrell Ringman (650)575-1881 daring@juventus-sc.org
Practice Fields Coordinator Eric Gee (650)995-4002 eric.gee@juventus-sc.org
Registrar Ulf Schenk   registrar@juventus-sc.org
Programs Director Eric Gee  (650)995-4002 programs.director@juventus-sc.org
Uniform Coordinator Shawn Jarolimek (650)208-7287 secretary@juventus-sc.org
Webmaster Ulf Schenk   webmaster@juventus-sc.org

USSDA Contacts

Position Contact Cell Phone Email
Academy Director Gerson Perez   coachgersonperez@gmail.com
Administrative Director Peter Joshua (408)595-0217 md@juventusacademy.com
Technical Director, Goalkeeping Carlos Schulze (650)669-0523 carlostd@juventus-sc.org
Head Coach U18 Arturo Orozco (650)270-6232 arturo@juventus-sc.org
Head Coach U16 Hugo Perez Jr.   adidas8218@gmail.com
Head Coach U14 Adriano Toni & Anders Perez   andersprz@gmail.com