Referee Coordinator / USSF Assignor

E-mail Darrell Ringman or text or call 650-575-1881 only if time critical.

Juventus Referee Assignment

PensraJuventus and many area clubs use the PENSRA referee assignment system for both league games & tournaments.  Register & request games there.

PENSRA is a powerful and easy to use system that provides for the ability to SELF-ASSIGN your matches for some matches.  Juventus offers thousands of matches each year and referees are expected to be independent and highly reliable.  No show, no call situations are dealt with harsh consequences.


Referee Classes


Juventus offers free entry-level classes for Juventus players/families.  Please refer to the Cal North Referee Association website at for detailed information about becoming a referee.


Next Level 8 Training Course – March 3- 19, 2017

This will be a ‘hybrid class’, requiring 100% attendance at…

March 3   7:30-8:30pm (1 hour) – classroom (UPDATED TIME!)
March 9   6:30-9:30pm (3 hours) – classroom
March 10 6:30-9:30pm (3 hours) – classroom
March 18 6:30-9:30pm (3 hours) – classroom
March 19 9am – 1pm (4 hours) – field work
All classroom time will be at Red Morton Community Center, 1120 Roosevelt Ave, Redwood City
All field work time will be at a location to be determined in the near future.
As you register for the course it will ask you for a code which will allow you to complete your registration.  You must contact Michael Maylan directly for that code.  DO NOT give that code to anyone else.  We will log your name and email when you request the code.   If a code issued to one registrant is used by another, who has not contacted Michael directly, they risk being dropped from the course.
The cost of the course is graciously paid for by Juventus Sport Club, the registration fee of $50 is for your badge and official referee licensing for 2017.  Each year that you wish to remain an active referee, after 2017, you will need to go online and pay $50 to renew your badge.  (price is subject to change)  If you do not skip any years in between, there is no additional classroom time required.

Detailed information and Registration:

Entry Level Referee Course: On-line Modules, Materials, Resources, and .ppts – CNRA

 If you have any questions, please call, text or email Michael Maylan.
Michael Maylan
Director of Referee Education 

Referee system

Due to U.S. Soccer’s decision to eliminate the two referee system in Spring 2016 , all games must either have a one or three referee crew. 

4v4 1 CR
7v7 1 CR
9v9 1 CR, 2 AR
11v11 1 CR, 2 AR
Detailed information:

League Game Pay Rates

(effective 8/1/2014) *

Length of Half CR Pay AR Pay
25 min $30 $25
30 min $35 $30
35 min $40 $35
40 min $45 $40
45 min $50 $45

* Pay rates for tournaments vary

Note that CYSA & NorCal match lengths can vary.  At the moment, there are now different lengths for U14 games (effective 2016):

  • NorCal League & Cup U14’s – 40 min halves 
  • CYSA Fall League U14s – 35 min halves

League Rules

Important Links

License Information

You cannot referee games without a current license.  Effective March 2013, there’s a new renewal process for Northern CA referees (don’t use the USSF website for this anymore). For questions, email or

Juventus Referee Coordinator
Darrell Ringman
e-mail: Use for non-assignment inquiries
e-mail: Use Pensra Site Mail for all assignment inquiries
Important – email
Urgent – text 650-575-1881
Critical – call 650-575-1881