Darrell Ringman

Darrell brings thirty years experience as a coach, player, referee, administrator and parent in recreational, competitive club and high school soccer.  He is experienced coaching boys and girls aged 7 to 20.   Development is his priority and areas of focus are customized for the individual and team, but are done while building character through [...]

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Gerson Perez

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Yang Zhou

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Jackie Castro

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Donizeti Santos

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Charles Gray

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Sandra Nolan

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Yasert Ortega

Coaching Philosophy Coach Yasert Ortega’s football philosophy is based on the following principals: • Creating a fun environment for players to grow and develop • Player development both group and individual • Technical work (75%) • Dominating ball possession • Mental development in a game situation I believe that during a match, football (soccer) is [...]

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Arturo Gomez

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Ignacio Navarrete

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