Head Coach Darrell Ringman

Darrell Ringman

darrell_ringmanDarrell brings thirty years experience as a coach, player, referee, administrator and parent in recreational, competitive club and high school soccer.  He is experienced coaching boys and girls aged 7 to 20.   Development is his priority and areas of focus are customized for the individual and team, but are done while building character through teamwork and sportsmanship.  Technical, tactical, strategic and psychosocial concepts are shared as players are capable of absorbing them.  “Pass and move possession, build to score soccer” is the style he teaches.  Darrell holds USSF, NHFS and CYSA licenses, is educated in concussion awareness, CPR/First Aid, is certified in PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) and is a certified USSF referee and USSF Assignor, is currently acting as Interim Tournament Director for Juventus Sport Club and serves on both adult and youth soccer organization Board of Directors and has been an active player since 1974.   His coaching philosophy is “Have fun by playing the game well!” 

’03Gs Juventus Forte (Guest Trainer)
’02Gs Juventus G02 Black and White (Head Coach, Premier, Silver)
’02Gs Juventus Destino (Head Coach, Premier)
’02Gs Juventus Viaggio (Head Coach, Silver)
’02Gs Juventus Potenza (Head Coach, Bronze)
’00Bs Juventus Fire (Head Coach, Silver)
’01Bs Juventus United (Guest Trainer)
’98Gs Juventus Galaxy Black and White (Head Coach, Gold)
’95Gs Phantom FC Indoor Soccer Academy (Head Coach, Founder; two-time Division Champions)
’95Gs Juventus La Fenice – Black (Head Coach, National Premier League, First Division)
’94Gs Juventus Blaze (Guest Trainer)
Woodside High School Boys Varsity ’09-present (Head Coach)
Everest High School Girls Varsity ’11 (Head Coach)

Players under his leadership have been accepted to academic programs at Penn State, St. Marys, Colby, U of Puget Sound, Georgetown, Stanford, Wheaton, Santa Cruz, Sonoma State, Arizona State, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, UCSB, Ohio State, Cal Poly, UoP, Vanderbilt, SF City College and Southern Methodist University.  Players from these teams have secured starting positions as Freshman, some on Division 1 NCAA teams while others are enjoying Club soccer while giving chase to their academic pursuits!


Contact Darrell at daring@yahoo.com.



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